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Cloud MENA in review Article

By Siddhu Kolappan, Head of Kaar Cloud ME

Siddhu speaks with the VP of Etisalat Telecom for Wholesale Business

Siddhu speaks with the VP of Etisalat Telecom for Wholesale Business

Cloud Computing is enabling today’s technologies and enterprises globally are looking forward to Cloud as their next big enabler for growth. With giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google jumping into cloud services it is now becoming a more common commodity to adopt. But the most important lessons are yet to be learnt on how to adopt the right strategies for moving your entire business to an infrastructure hosted on the internet.

Some difficulties even the most innovative of businesses find today in defining a use case and adopting to cloud technology is because of the void in finding relevant information about common areas of concern like connectivity, performance, and security. Though mostly the internet could be a good source of self-education, trust and confidence comes from interacting with likeminded experts who are techno functional who can help build solutions. Certain focused enablement forums across markets segments can help solve this in much faster and contextual fashion, as these forums just don’t talk about technology features, but also help you to collaborate and refer with your peers from similar business organisations.

“Cloud MENA … one of the most comprehensive and dedicated cloud computing events for [the MENA] region”

Recently we were promoting our Managed Enterprise Cloud for SAP at the 6th edition of Cloud MENA, one of the most comprehensive and dedicated cloud computing events for this region held on the 11th and 12th of Apr 2016. It proved to be a great platform for understanding various perspectives of how cloud computing technology is shaping up for a sensitive market like Middle East. The event also provided some good insights on cloud from understanding real business use cases presented.

Speed Networking at Cloud MENA

Speed Networking at Cloud MENA

Some common points that were addressed in detail during the event were:
• How cloud computing can help businesses innovate optimize and beat competition
• How to bring agility and cost savings in your existing IT landscape
• What are the global and regional data governance guidelines and compliance?
• Why security fear should not be stopping you from moving to the cloud
• How to get ROI form your cloud investments and why cloud is the future

For us at KaarCloud, it was exciting how the participation opened up a common floor for interacting with the regional expert community from various aspects of specialisations including technology and business.

In short, it was a perfect platform for discussing the cloud challenges and exchanging great ideas!

Register now for the next event in the Cloud World Series, Cloud & DevOps World 2016, happening June 21st-22nd 2016 at Olympia in London.


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