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Container Adoption Paths into Legacy Infrastructure Article

Jisto shares its thoughts on the current state of Container adoption. 

No one can argue against the benefits of containers: portability, flexibility, and scalability. Docker offers an ever-expanding container management API. Also, a standard image format definition and the flexibility of local and remote registry options have opened up many possibilities and use cases for container users. Furthermore, the buzzing open source container community and industry interest have created many market opportunities to develop useful tools, services, and products based on container technologies.

However, the ROI for the companies adopting these container-based tools, services, and products is not driven by containers for the sake of containers. Instead, it is driven by container-leveraged products that both fit into existing business and technical processes and add substantial and quantifiable value. Companies don’t have an obvious ROI model for container adoption into their existing infrastructure and applications, as they did with things such as purchasing servers and adopting the cloud.

Furthermore, there must be intelligent adoption paths for companies entrenched in legacy infrastructure. For some companies, taking the container plunge requires overcoming business and technical risks and can require major organizational changes.

One challenge for the container community is to position their container-based tools, services, and products with quantifiably-positive ROI for the adopting companies. Furthermore, understanding and dovetailing with their organizational structures, corporate processes, and legacy infrastructure is critical for adoption. Solving these multifaceted challenges creates many exciting opportunities for the container community.

If you would like to learn more and contribute to the discussion of the multifaceted challenges and business opportunities relating to integrating containers into legacy infrastructure, please join us at Container World 2017, and the Container Adoption Paths into Legacy Infrastructure panel session on February 22, 2017, in Santa Clara. This panel will feature a talk and discussions led by Mike Feinstein, the CEO of Jisto.

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