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Journey From Network Manager To DevOps Article post

By Michel Blankleder, Cloud Engineer at Ravelin Early this year I heard the term “digital transformation” and it made me think of what has happened with the so-called DevOps professionals. In the middle of the 90s when Microsoft Windows 95…

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It’s time to admit your systems aren’t completely secure Article post

By Rhian Wilkinson, digital content marketer, KNect365 In 2016 continuous development means that we hear about a new release almost daily – yet it is rare for one to really strike an area in the market that is not already spoken…

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Can you really afford to be left behind when it comes to adopting DevOps? Article post

By Rob Greenwood, technical director, Steamhaus There is a growing recognition that application development doesn’t just stop once a new product has been created. That’s why we need to stop separating the development and operations phases of an application’s lifecycle….

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Connectivity – often the least considered element of IoT Article post

By Matthew Owen, managing director, M2M Intelligence You wouldn’t start to build a car by buying the paint first. Yet this is how many organisations are approaching their IoT projects. The tendency is to focus on the sexy bits that…

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How DevOps and mobility are a match made in heaven Article post

By Ojas Rege, Chief Strategy Officer, MobileIron According to Tech Target, DevOps is “an operational philosophy that promotes better communication between development and operations as more elements of operations become programmable”. In other words, adopting a DevOps approach means greater…

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Cloud Assurance – Digital Transformation from the top down Article post

By  Michael Segal, ‎Director of Marketing, NETSCOUT Cloud computing is an enabler that is transforming modern business. It allows new, digital-centric businesses to emerge with a more innovative mindset and more agility than ever before. Whether a new ‘upstart’ business like…

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Choosing DevOps Tools Article post

By Mandi Walls, Director of Consulting, EMEA at Chef Tooling is a big part of creating a DevOps workflow, along with people and culture. When looking for tools that fit your DevOps requirements, there are some aspects that benefit DevOps workflows…

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Drowning in data? Copy data virtualisation can transform your business Article post

By Ash Ashutosh, CEO, Actifio Data, data and more data. The sheer amount of data being created is causing the complexity and cost of data management to skyrocket. By 2020, IDC predicts 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created…

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The future of hacking: 8 reasons why small businesses should be taking it seriously Article post

By Phil Cracknell, cyber-security specialist Cybercrime can and probably will be used as a tool to compromise the financial infrastructure of entire countries, says cyber-security specialist Phil Cracknell in collaboration with Hiscox, the business insurers. From business protection to cyber wars,…

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The Fundamental Tools for DevOps Article post

By Vadym Fedorov, Solutions Architect, SoftServe “DevOps is neither a technology nor a single approach. DevOps is considered a culture or set of practices that focus on infrastructure management and automation.” Infrastructure Deployment: Past and Present DevOps is neither a…

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BCN cloud coverage moves to Article post

As the cloud and telecoms sectors move ever closer together, thanks to the growing influence of virtualisation in managing networks and the emergence of IoT, the decision has been made to consolidate the coverage of both under one brand –…

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AI is getting there but still confusing… Article post

Research from Narrative Science claims confusion over the definition of artificial intelligence is holding it back, although 62% of enterprise respondents believe it will be place by 2018, reports Although this is an encouraging statistic, the report also highlights…

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Europe looks to set new rules for OTT in September Article post

The European Commission is set to release new rules in September, which will aim to tighten up how OTT’s such as WhatsApp and Skype are regulated in the European markets, according to the Financial Times. How Over-the-top players are regulated…

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Intel digs deep into wallet to buy its way into AI game Article post

Virtual reality may well have been capturing the imagination of the industry in recent months, but Intel’s $400 million of AI start-up Nervana highlights it’s not all fun and games, reports Having set its position as a leader in…

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CMA ruling requires open API for banks to bring finances into single app Article post

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has released the final report from its retail banking market investigation enforcing widespread technological upgrades in some of the industry’s more traditional institutions, report The five person investigation committee, which was initially launched…

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