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Introducing Ethan Tuttle, lead engineer at Zoosk Article post

CloudEntTech meets Ethan Tuttle, lead engineer at Zoosk, to chat about container tech ahead of Container World 2017.  As an engineer, what most interests you about container technology? In the abstract, it’s hard to explain why containers are a big deal: lightweight…

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Container Adoption Paths into Legacy Infrastructure Article post

Jisto shares its thoughts on the current state of Container adoption.  No one can argue against the benefits of containers: portability, flexibility, and scalability. Docker offers an ever-expanding container management API. Also, a standard image format definition and the flexibility of…

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It’s Time to Modernize (Why? Because it’s 2017) Article post

AppZero discuss modernization of IT infrastructure, and why procrastination isn’t the key ahead of Container World 2017.  Change can be difficult. It requires focused effort and learning. For all primates, humans included, learning is paired with frustration. We’re all familiar with…

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StatefulSets – Ready for Prime Time? Article post

Tom Jackson, Lead Software Engineer at Nordstrom discusses what StatefulSets mean for your database workloads.  If you have been following Kubernetes you are probably aware that StatefulSets (aka pods with persistent volumes) recently graduated from alpha to beta. So does…

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How’s the CIO doing? It’s in the data… Article post

By Graeme Thompson, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Informatica Would you believe that my CFO walked into my office today and asked, “How’m I doing? Hey, are we aligned?” Or that the head of sales came in a half-hour later and…

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2017: the year that the #Private / #Hybrid #Cloud bubble finally burst and more such predictions Article post

Soon the battle may well be between generalist and specialist public clouds. Bill Mew, Cloud Strategist, UKCloud (@BillMew) Many pundits will be offering safe, but obvious cloud market predictions. I wanted to offer a few that challenge current thinking in…

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Containers in 2016: What’s next? Article post

By Phil Estes, IBM *Editors Note: Review how far we’ve come in a year by looking back at this piece from February 2016 by Phil Estes of IBM. Container World 2017 is ramping up, and you can explore the second…

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Partnering with AWS, Russian Roulette, Lion Taming and Other Dangerous Hobbies! Article post

By Bill Mew, Cloud Strategist at UKCloud Years working for IBM’s Business Partner Organisation taught me not only to respect IBM’s own community of 120,000 business partners, but the wider channel community as a whole. Partners vary in size and…

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Interoute predicts that investment in cloud, PaaS and bimodal IT will rise in 2017 Article post

Interoute predicts that investment in cloud, PaaS and bimodal IT will rise in 2017, as businesses see the opportunity in an agile approach to unpredictable market forces. By Matthew Finnie, CTO of Interoute As the political and regulatory landscape changes…

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“Open” is a big idea (and a new deal with government) Article post

By Nicky Stewart – Commercial Director, UKCloud Ltd Anyone working in, or doing business with government recently will have heard a lot about “open”. In government, trust, accountability, transparency, consultation, fairness, collaboration and sharing can all be used interchangeably with…

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Brand new blog launch! Article post

Cloud & Enterprise Tech has had an upgrade! We’ve got a brand-spanking-new blog, and a new URL to boot! The new community is fully integrated with our event sites, bringing together the Cloud & Enterprise Tech Series in a much…

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Container World, 21-23 February 2017 Article post

DRIVING BUSINESS & TECHNICAL AGILITY WITH CONTAINERS Containers are taking the enterprise world by storm, bringing dramatic changes to how businesses transform ideas into software. Fortune 1000 companies and cloud native startups alike are benefiting from more agile developer workflows,…

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DevOps World, 2 November 2016 Article post

ACHIEVING CONTINUOUS BUSINESS PLANNING AND BRINGING CUSTOMER FEEDBACK INTO THE DEVELOPMENT LIFECYCLE KNect365 (part of Informa) is proud to produce the 2nd DevOps World, the forum that shows you how to achieve continuous business planning and bring customer feedback into…

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BCN cloud coverage moves to Article post

As the cloud and telecoms sectors move ever closer together, thanks to the growing influence of virtualisation in managing networks and the emergence of IoT, the decision has been made to consolidate the coverage of both under one brand –…

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AI is getting there but still confusing… Article post

Research from Narrative Science claims confusion over the definition of artificial intelligence is holding it back, although 62% of enterprise respondents believe it will be place by 2018, reports Although this is an encouraging statistic, the report also highlights…

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