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“Open” is a big idea (and a new deal with government) Article post

By Nicky Stewart – Commercial Director, UKCloud Ltd Anyone working in, or doing business with government recently will have heard a lot about “open”. In government, trust, accountability, transparency, consultation, fairness, collaboration and sharing can all be used interchangeably with…

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Pet Containers: You’re Not Doing it Wrong Article post

By Joe Brockmeier, Senior Evangelist, Linux Containers, Red Hat The conventional wisdom of Linux containers is that each service should run in its own container. Containers should be stateless and have short lifecycles. You should build a container once, and…

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Investigating emerging data analytics trends across Asia with Arun Sundar Article post

By Rhian Wilkinson, digital content marketer, KNect365 / Informa Telecoms Technology permeates our very existence in 2016, to varying degrees across the planet. In the West, cloud computing and data analytics are becoming intrinsically linked to our business propositions. But…

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Data 3.0 – The Business Model of the Future Article post

By Greg Hanson, vice president worldwide presales consulting, Informatica Data has shifted everything around us. It is the strategic disruptor that is changing businesses, transforming consumer expectations and redefining how governments operate. Every industry, from banking to healthcare to consumer…

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devops takes wing

DevOps Takes Wing Article post

By Adam Bowen, World Wide Innovation Lead at Delphix All too often, the restrictions of engineering seem to us like the laws of physics. Think back to when horse-drawn carriages were the best available mode of transportation. Drivers could only…

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Open source or commercially-supported OpenStack – how to make the right choice Article post

By Christopher Brown, OpenStack Engineer at OCF With open source at its core, you’d be hard put to argue against the freely available code being one of the reasons for OpenStack’s success. It could be debated that other open cloud…

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Like humans, every application is different says Richard Fenton Article post

By Rhian Wilkinson, digital content marketer, KNect365 Recently I caught up with Richard Fenton of Nimble to hear about their latest developments, and to talk through exactly how the adaptive and agile work processes are changing our cloud deployments.  My…

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Key learnings from DevOps World 2016 Article post

By Michael Azoff, principal analyst, Ovum The second annual DevOps World event took place  in London on 2 November 2016 – with 20+ DevOps experts primed to share their knowledge, and we kicked off with a keynote from Barclay’s Jonathan…

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Collection of comment: National Cyber Security Strategy Article post

The UK Government has set out The National Cyber Security Strategy for 2016-2021 with the aim of making Britain secure and resilient in cyberspace. It has been commended across the board by technology leaders – as reactive as it may…

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SAS and RM Unify partner to close digital skills gap in schools Article post

By Rhian Wilkinson, digital content marketer, KNect365 The digital skills crisis in the UK is reaching a point of no-return, with the Science and Technology Committee recently warning the country risks being left behind other nations unless more action is…

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Container World, 21-23 February 2017 Article post

DRIVING BUSINESS & TECHNICAL AGILITY WITH CONTAINERS Containers are taking the enterprise world by storm, bringing dramatic changes to how businesses transform ideas into software. Fortune 1000 companies and cloud native startups alike are benefiting from more agile developer workflows,…

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DevOps World, 2 November 2016 Article post

ACHIEVING CONTINUOUS BUSINESS PLANNING AND BRINGING CUSTOMER FEEDBACK INTO THE DEVELOPMENT LIFECYCLE KNect365 (part of Informa) is proud to produce the 2nd DevOps World, the forum that shows you how to achieve continuous business planning and bring customer feedback into…

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BCN cloud coverage moves to Article post

As the cloud and telecoms sectors move ever closer together, thanks to the growing influence of virtualisation in managing networks and the emergence of IoT, the decision has been made to consolidate the coverage of both under one brand –…

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AI is getting there but still confusing… Article post

Research from Narrative Science claims confusion over the definition of artificial intelligence is holding it back, although 62% of enterprise respondents believe it will be place by 2018, reports Although this is an encouraging statistic, the report also highlights…

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Europe looks to set new rules for OTT in September Article post

The European Commission is set to release new rules in September, which will aim to tighten up how OTT’s such as WhatsApp and Skype are regulated in the European markets, according to the Financial Times. How Over-the-top players are regulated…

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