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Putting Security into DevOps Article post

By  Matthew Pendlebury, Senior Consultant, MWR InfoSecurity DevOps is simply the collaboration of the ‘development’ team and the ‘operations’ team. There are many discussions about the exact definition of ‘DevOps,’ but at its most basic, it is simply the collaboration of…

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Agile culture: continuous improvement over big-bang Article post

By Ryan Bromley ‘Critically, digital isn’t about just working to deliver a one-off customer journey. It’s about implementing a cyclical dynamic where processes and capabilities are constantly evolving based on inputs from the customer, fostering ongoing product or service loyalty.’…

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Cybercriminals are ‘following the money’ amidst Office 365 migration Article post

By Lewis Henderson, Director, Client Engagement at Glasswall Solutions Convinced by the prospect of cost savings, global email access and a round-the-clock workforce, a growing number of organisations have made the switch to Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based email platform. While…

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DevOps and Holacracy Article post

By Helen Beal, I was at DOES (the DevOps Enterprise Summit) recently in London and it was no surprise to hear many of the speakers cite culture as a cornerstone of change in their DevOps journeys. Jonathan Smart of Barclays…

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data security

Are you looking to modernise your backup process? Think differently Article post

By Ash Ashutosh, CEO, Actifio If you ask CIOs and IT managers about their list of priorities what do you think would come out on top? Effective data backup would top most. It is a huge problem. Why? This is…

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DevOps and All the Continuouses Article post

By Helen Beal, DevOps Director, Ranger4 So this blog post has got a pretty catchy title, huh? But what do we actually mean? Continuous Delivery and DevOps have been virtually synonymous for quite some time even though this makes us…

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devops crossroads

Navigating the cross roads of DevOps and virtualisation Article post

By Frank Yue, director of application delivery, Radware It’s time to strike a balance with collaboration and analysis We are reaching an interesting crossroads in DevOps as the world of applications collides with virtualised infrastructures. More and more IT directors…

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A State of Cloud #063 – Samsung as Global Cloud player. Article post

By,  Marco van den Akker, Cloud Evangelist, A State of Cloud When we are talking about cloud providers, many among the cloud professionals are aware that the current king is Amazon Web Services. Followed by Microsoft, IBM, Google; and when you read…

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containers for dev or test

Containers: for DevTest, for Production, or for Both? Article post

By Tim Mackey, Technology Evangelist, Black Duck Software An interesting and important question about securing container applications came up at the Open Source Open Standards event in London that that I attended at the beginning of July. Earlier in the…

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Cloud in the UK

More cloud to hit the UK Article post

Andy Slater, Cloud Specialist, Networkers The usage of Cloud technology is spreading around the world and extending its reach beyond traditional IT teams and into the realms of sales, accounts and business leaders who want to be more mobile, more…

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AT&T expands NFV and SDN offering worldwide Article post

AT&T has expanded its Network on Demand solutions to now include 76 countries around the world, reports The new service is built on the company’s software-defined network technology, and claimed to help businesses deploy a single universal piece of…

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Are cyber attacks covering up server inadequacies at Pokémon Go? Article post

Pokémon Go users have continued to struggle as the app’s developer Niantic Labs recovers from hacker attacks and unprecedented demand for the game, reports Claimed attacks from various hacker groups would have appeared to cover up server inadequacies at…

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Privacy Shield rubber stamped amid dissent Article post

The European Commission has formally adopted the controversial ‘Privacy Shield’ framework intended to replace the previous Safe Harbour agreement, reports Both schemes covered the transfer of data between the EU and the US, with the balance between free movement of…

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EU moves forward with Privacy Shield despite EDPS warning Article post

The European Commission has announced it will continue ahead with the EU-US Privacy Shield despite the European Data Protection Supervisor claiming the pact is not robust enough, reports Since Safe Harbour was struck down by the European Court of…

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SaaS for SMBs: The main meal, not the side salad Article post

We know that telcos are well-placed to sell cloud services to small and medium-sized businesses. Even if they don’t always know it yet, the business customers they provide telecoms services to need to embrace digital services to succeed, and telecoms…

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